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What would it be like if it were possible to actively create and meditate

with the tools of an ancient Japanese art, reflecting our true essence in water?

The Suminagashi experience home method allows you to do this directly from home.

Kit Suminagashi

✔ When practising Suminagashi, the tools used are of fundamental importance: they reflect the original ancient Japanese technique and are oriented towards simplicity of execution. 

✔ Each use is intended to facilitate artistic expression and stimulate the creative side. 

✔ Water is a miracle of life, as wonderful as art, and needs tools that reflect its value.

✔ The paper must be strictly in line with nature, derived from mulberry processing or recycled and enhanced by colour imperfections that make it unique.

✔ Research: I invested a great deal of time experimenting with various materials until I came up with a kit with fundamental characteristics: the essence of Suminagashi, aesthetic beauty and practicality.

✔ Each kit contains a personalised message that reflects what I want to convey about this wonderful art. An art that goes beyond art.



  • 1 basin
  • 2 small bowls
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • 1 brush rest
  • 1 awl
  • 1 bottle of Indian ink
  • 1 bottle of reagent
  • Sheets of paper with an uneven and rough surface with colour imperfections that enhance it and make it unique.

Suminagashi kit + on-line Workshop

I will guide you through the creative process and you will learn an ancient Japanese meditative art, relax with the gentle movements of the brush stroking the surface of the water and we will conclude the work with the revealing images of Suminagashi.

Important! When you receive the kit you will have the opportunity to experiment with various skills and you can use it at any time or in any context: to relieve tension, stress or relax, or simply to create!

(With the purchase of the kit+workshop you will have access to the Suminagashi experience community.)

Experiential Workshop

Each workshop is held in a context related to nature or art and amplified through music and food.

Coming Events

Workshop Suminagashi & lunch

Locanda Rosa Rosae
Sabato 24 aprile ore 11:00


Themed courses of personal growth of various lengths, from 3 to 5 hours:

  • “The value we place on ourselves

  • “Relationships”: interpersonal contact, emotional ties, communication

  • “Couple relationships” (for couples)

On booking, also available on-line (Zoom or Skype connection)

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